Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Influences Of 5 Empires

The land of 5 empires is ravaged with a flux of influences - Spirit Legions of the land. None can bring itself to favor but two other influences. The favored themselves may not favor one another! All were once bestowed with the power to bring harmony to the land - none yielded it with care. Now they find themselves in the grips of the very power bestowed to unite them.

Sign up and find yourself in the magical land of the 5 empires, a free online mmorpg no download where you must align with a single influence and become favored by two others. Each affected differently by the power they yield. One may be the kindest of all, while the other impulsive and desire but freedom; one rose from the depths of darkness and harbors ambitions of gory death; one wise with knowledge yet deems all other unworthy and wishes to place beneath heel with illusion; one lined with years, yet wishing to bring light and order to all.

Then begin! You will find yourself void of time as the free online MMORPG world of 5 Empire will be teeming with other players engaged in collecting finding land, populating it with houses and castles and above all, collecting mana and with it summon creatures from other planes to do as the bidding of their influences and unleash their wrath upon you!
Forge alliances and earn rewards and compensations from the favored influences. Build nodes to collect and restore your reserves of mana - and summon your very own creatures and unleash unspeakable horrors in form of frenzied war crazed creatures; diabolical demons controlled by mages; trick opponents into performing unintended charms; or form armies of majestic creatures- a sight of awe and fear for others

Form units and assign them tasks- set defenses or form attack formations and raid your unsuspecting rivals. Gain more land, win gold and other rewards for each battle you win. Once back in your land, put your rewards and research different charms. Learn various charms in the ivory towers and cast them to summon ever deadlier and awe-inspiring creatures from the nether regions and make the opponent willingly surrender!

Roam around the free online MMORPG world and explore its ever expanding terrain to find newer surprises, rewards and legends. Come back tired of intense play?  Gamble and hit jackpots, go to creature auctions and bid and if your ranks have swelled set your creature for auction- an acclaim for your achievements!

Align yourself then, with the influences that are ever ready to prove themselves and their ways in 5 Empires, the newest sensation in the world of free online MMORPG.

Will It Set You Free? Online Browser Based Games And Your Virtual Self

The advent of internet allowed one to come in connect with a diverse people placed at far ends of the earth. It hyped a whole generation to possibility of communicating with the world. The introduction of MUDs (Multi User Domains), precursors to free online browser based games, and especially the genre of free online multiplayer strategy games, allowed people a virtual space where they could interact with each other. What gravitated masses towards MUD were that it allowed users the ability to transcend their own prejudices and those of their cultures and traditions while they ‘occupied’ the virtual realm– something unheard of before.

Though the costs levied for using MUD bordered the service being free, online multiplayer strategy games developed along MUD architecture induced frustration in its users. It lacked certain ’realism’. It seemed too uni dimensional (earlier MUD were text based). People craved for greater freedom in the ways they could exercise their true selves. More interactivity was demanded. This ushered them in the era of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games of which 5 Empires prides itself a part.

How did MMORPG address the concerns? It firstly removed the hassle of installing client software of computers. Secondly, it allowed centralized management of user data- henceforth users did not have to worry about losing their profiles due to bugs or software crashes at their end. Henceforth thousands of people could occupy a shared space where their virtual selves existed and could interact in ways unheard of before.

This was the beginning of free online browser based games as we know of today. Users are only required to be in possession of a computer and sound internet connectivity. The rest they will always find secure in the virtual space they have created and occupied. Now you can

5 Empires is one such free online multiplayer strategy game where you can put to test your skills in a fast paced game play of strategic and magical warfare. You will be faced with the plots of real people, each trying to come up with ideas and strategies to best you. Like any other free online browser based game, 5 Empires exerts NO demands on your resources.
Forge alliances, make friends, make enemies, and make competitors, rival for glories, for ranking, for resource, for titles and laurels!

Welcome to the world of FREE online multiplayer strategy game.

To join the exciting community of 5 Empire, visit http://5-empires.com.

Surprise At Your Gates!

Playing against AI is no fun. You figure the bots in time and they lose that special element gamers seek –the adrenaline boost when surprised. How much can one surprise and be surprised in turn? That depends… on how many payers get to assail your thoughts and strategies. What if there is potentially an unlimited ways in which your plans can be put to test and bested? In the MMORPG world of 5 Empires, you can expect surprise at every turn.

Gauge your skills and capabilities against constraints of time, resources and the surprises your adversary and rival has to offer. Survive the battle and receive laurels, land and resources to further your conquest. Set your standards high and let 5 Empires offer you the opportunity to actualize your dreams before a large audience set in an MMORPG setting.

Forge alliances, or mark rivals and adversaries. Search the lands, set your eyes on a coveted resources and find yourself in a race against competitors vying for the very same and yours!

Lead your populace through the lands, house them and see them well provided. Start small and build a strong economy through markets and guarded trade routes. Defend your flourishing empire. Attack prudently and be vary of ‘Lords of War’ ravishing whatever comes in sight- better so become one yourself! Gain experience, collect points and find yourself ranked among

‘Rulers Of The Realm’

Have amassed wealth and find no relief in simply building? Visit the black market and lurk at the Auction of Shadows and the Auction of souls. Bid on heroes and creatures from the hidden dimensions of 5 Empires. Add them to your ranks and let them lead your army across the lands to future glories.

Declare attacks and assign defense while you research and pour over the ancient scriptures. Find and learn the mystic spells of the sages. Cast them to rip holes and portals between dimensions to bring forth creatures favoring your chosen Spirit King. Build nodes to collect Mana and feed your armies of the nether world. Now send them in hordes, creatures majestic and frenzied, horrifying and loathsome to win victories over your rivals in glory and conquest.

Boast your glories! Dot your lands with castles and when you feel like resting gamble and use hard earned tokens to take turns at the legendary Gachapon - but be vary, the world of free online mmorpg no download never allows extended leisure!

To experience the MMORPG world of 5 Empires in real time, join us at