Friday, September 5, 2014

Some Advice for Parents of Gamers

It seems that the people talking about games almost as much as gamers are the parents of the said gamers. They even have forums and websites dedicated to discuss their concerns, well we thought we could do out bid to give them some information about video games in general to ease their mind. They can use this information to learn more about the gamers they are raising and maybe promote healthy amount of gaming in younger players.


All games come with an appropriate rating assigned to them by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board); you should look at the rating of each game before allowing your kids to play it. Ratings that are appropriate for young gamers are Early Childhood, Everyone and Everyone 10+. If you are still not comfortable with your child playing the game, you can observe them playing for a while to see the content of the game.

The Gaming Devices

The list of gaming devices just keeps on growing; consoles, computers, laptops, handheld players, smart phones and tablets all have the capabilities needed for gaming. It will be very difficult for you to monitor every device, so restrict gaming on devices that you can keep an eye on.

Have a Discussion

Although it will be painful for your kids to talk to you about games, they will still listen to you if you have a serious discussion about them. Let them know that they need to maintain a balance between gaming and all their other activities. Be sure to talk about online gaming with them, the people they may encounter online and how to interact with them.


This is the last thing any gamer, even a budding one, wants to hear; but you need to set some boundaries for playing games. Allow them a limited time per day or week for playing games. And if they go over their time limit and you want to pull the plug, please for the love of God let them save their game first. If they are playing games online, check the websites they are visiting and whether they are appropriate for their age or not.
This is some basic information that will help keep the peace between gamers and their parents. And remembers to play some games with them, this will help you understand video gaming better and it will be a great bonding activity.

Gamers, Where is the Love?

Gamers tend to agree on a lot of things that they don’t like about games. The thing that is very rare, gamers agreeing on things that they love about games. And this fact holds a lot of power in the gaming industry, if you can get gamers to agree about liking something about game; basically that game is on its way to enjoy enormous success.

Things Gamers Love

Here are a few things that gamers love about games, if all these qualities can be squeezed into one game; you have a recipe for a top selling game:

Great Music

Putting the right music in a game is an absolute crucial part of the immersive experience of a game. You don’t want a Mozart tune in the background when you are slashing and hacking your way through a horde of enemies; or do you? If the right situation and fighting style could be created, even classical music could work in a battle scene.


The story of the game is what it’s all about; it should be compelling enough to make the gamers feel that the world as they know it will end if they don’t save it. A history behind the main storyline and some extra tidbits can make the gamers love the games even more.

Beautiful Heroines and Martial Artist Heroes

An essential part of any piece of entertainment is a hero and heroine. Games take their importance even further, because you get be in control of them. We want to be in charge of people who can defeat a legion of demons and look good while doing it.

Multiplayer Feature

Nothing is worth doing if you can’t share the experience with the people you love. Multiplayer feature can be the tipping point in the decision to buy a particular game or not. To be honest, the multiplayer feature is there so you can brag to your friends about your virtual accomplishments.


Witty one-liners are not just important in action films; they are also needed in video games. Gamers love a leading character who can deliver that exclamation point after defeating a boss. First you beat them and then you humiliate them with a few words, is there anything better then the feeling you get when that happens.
So, you see games are not all about violence and hate, there are so many things that can make you fall in love with them. Go online now and find a game that you can fall in love with!

What Gamers Hate!

What quality is common in every hardcore gamer? Well, realistically speaking, there may be a lot of them, but the one we are looking for here is their common love of hating things. Complaining is considered to be a part of being a true gamer; it basically means that you know games and the industry well. And you can choose to complain about it if you want.

What Gamers Hate Most

Normally gamers like to complain about almost everything that has to do with gaming. But there are certain hate trends that are more popular among them and these trends are:

Ratings and Scores

You know how gaming review sites, magazines and shows review every game when it comes out and assign a rating or a score to them? Yeah, true gamers hate that. It is a belief among gamers that any big reviewer, whose scores matter, is probably doing the bidding of a developer.


So there is more to the game that we paid full price for, interesting. And you will let us access the additional content for a price, what?!? DLCs are one of the most awaited and equally hated parts of video gaming. Gamers want to have access to new areas and gear, what they don’t like is the developers charging money for them.

Movies Based on Games

A note to Hollywood producers, don’t make a film about a game you know nothing about. Least you could do is take the time to learn a bit about the game or, God forbid, play the game for a bit before your turn into a profit. There have been some decent films based on games, but most of them are plain old terrible, no other word for it.

People who don’t get Real Games

For all the people who don’t play games and know nothing about them; don’t ask gamers to answer every question you have about a game, it annoys the hell out of them. And please don’t ask them to join you to play a game on your Wii, you may find a game controller or a mouse hurtling towards your face if you do; you have been warned.
These are just some of the things that are commonly hated by hardcore gamers. This list could be longer, but we have to stop here because this could go on forever, as we already mentioned; gamers love to complain.