Saturday, July 12, 2014

Into the Future!

Imagine a virtual reality gaming room built for one purpose: to give the best gaming experience possible! The whole surface of the room is lined with sensors that can capture every little movement you make. The room comes alive with visuals once the game starts and transports you to the virtual world. That is a gamers’ ultimate dream, diving into the gaming world head first with the help of state of the art technology.
Although gaming tech has surpassed players’ expectations, it is still not quite to the point of providing the ‘dream room’ mentioned above. But, it is getting pretty close. Recent revelations of game technology, which will be available as soon as the later part of this year, proves that the ultimate gaming experience is not that far away.

Tech of the Future

The techies and game developers have a single aim; make the gaming experience as realistic as possible, with an added goal of blurring the line between reality and the virtual world.

Virtual Reality

Talk of virtual reality has been around for decades; many companies have started and failed to produce virtual reality gadgets for gaming. But in the near future, as soon as the end of this year, virtual reality is coming back with a bang. Many different projects have been tested and perfected; they are ready for mass production. Oculus Rift 3D is chief among these virtual reality gadgets, with wide HD screens and all the other required tricks, it will give gamers the first real taste of virtual reality gaming.

Gaming in the Clouds

Just as films and TV programs are easily accessible for viewers via cloud services, developers will soon offer the same convenience to gamers. With a reliable high speed internet connection gamers will be able to download any game they want, no more waiting in line or paying high prices games. Games will be instantly available after they are launched and will be much cheaper.

Augmented Reality

Introducing elements of games into the players’ surroundings and letting them interact with the said elements will give video games more realism. Primitive forms of this technology are already being utilized in some mobile apps. Possibilities of using augmented reality in gaming are endless.

Virtual World meets the Real One

Many game developers are working on technologies which will allow their games to spill out of the screens. Like Microsoft’s IllumiRoom; this technology will map out the room it is placed in and project some of the game’s environments into the room.
It is the developers’ objective to make this technology user accessible as soon as possible. They are trying to give the gamers a complete immersive experience by creating these technologies, so hold on to your controllers when you step into the future of gaming.

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Touching, Gesturing and Overclocking!

Game and console developers are always looking for new ways to enhance players’ gaming experience. They are constantly coming up with upgraded hardware and newer technologies to give the gamers the best experience possible. The best and most prominent of these technologies are:

Motion or Gesture Controls

Gesture controls were revolutionized by Nintendo in their gaming console. Now companies like Microsoft have taken it a step further, with the new XBOX One Microsoft has introduced state of the art motion controls. The new version of Kinect will respond to simple and natural movements of your body.

Touch Screens

The newest trend in game controls is the inclusion of the second (touch) screen to the controllers. Sony’s PS4 has a small screen on top of the controller which lets users control many actions in the game without having to pause the game.

3D Gaming

Game consoles and 3D TVs have provided a new dimension of excitement while playing games. Now the action can be experienced outside of the TV screens. Environments can be seen in more depth, some elements, rain water, can seem to come out of the screen and action sequences can be more intense with the help of bullets and explosions reaching outside of the screens.

The Hardware

The people behind the development of consoles are always putting more powerful hardware in their consoles. The recently launched PS4 and XBOX One, both contain an AMD processor that has an 8-core CPU. This mega power processor clocked at 1.75 GHz. Now that is some powerful hardware, coupled with a powerful GPU, these consoles will provide tremendous graphics and a seamless playing experience to the gamers.

Game Streaming

All the big names have recognized the players need to share their games with their friends. This is the reason for the recent announcement of game streaming services by both Sony and Microsoft. Using these services gamers can easily stream their games online while playing them, sharing their progress with other players.
Some of the technologies mentioned above are already available for gamers. The other will soon arrive in the market. And as cool as these tech all sound, they will soon be replaced with something better, faster and cooler, so enjoy them while you can.

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Happy Game Life = Happier Real Life!

In the very recent past, videos games were viewed as being down right evil. There were researches and experiments dedicated to proving that games were the root of all that was wrong with the world. But now scientists are taking a more objective approach towards games.
They are accepting the fact that games aren’t all that bad. There have been some studies that have shown that games can actually be very beneficial for Adults as well as children. And among those benefits for adults, is the benefit of being happy.
There are many reasons why adults who play games are happier than the ones who don’t play video games, some of these reasons are:

Bring out the Kid

Engaging in a playful behavior in your daily life is the secret to happiness. In a way you are bringing out the kid in you by doing something that makes you happy. Playing video games is one such activity, people need that moment in the day where they can express themselves and be carefree and games can provide them with that.

Escaping into another World

People who have stressful jobs or daily life can enjoy small amounts of ‘escape’ time. Video games can provide them an easy way to escape their real life and allow them to completely focus on something else for a few hours of the day. It will help lessen their distress and provide them with an enjoyable experience.

Be Fun and Serious

Adults who play video games have a more balanced outlook on life. They can take care of their serious adult business, like work, bills etc, and have a dedicated time for themselves to play games. They are not completely occupied by their duties and responsibilities.

Involve Friends and Family

Playing video games can be a family activity, you can involve you spouse or kids in your gaming time. You can take turns and try to beat each others score or play a fun multilayer game to gain bragging rights. You will always have an activity to look forward to as a family.

No Boring Situation

Adults can spend hours of their day waiting for or traveling on a bus/train. Adults who take up gaming look at these boring situations as an opportunity to play video games.
Games can improve your coordination and motor skills, they can help to improve your strategic thinking and they have many other health benefits. But above all else, they can make your life a happier one, so start playing online games today to be, in the words of Mr. Williams, happy!

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