Sunday, May 18, 2014

From Card Boards to HD screens: A Short History of RPGs

Many consider Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) to be the forefather of the modern role-playing games. In 1974 Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson developed D&D and for the first time introduced players to characters that could gain experience and level up while crawling through dungeons and battling dragons.

The Dawn

After the success of D&D computer specialists turned their focus towards bringing a RPG to the world of computers. The first computer RPG was developed by a 19 year old named Richard Garriott, it was called “Akalabeth”. It was hugely successful at the time and for that day and age; selling thousands of copies. Garriott soon followed this game up with “Ultima I: The first age of darkness”. Ultima was mainly inspired by D&D and became more famous then Akalabeth. 

Garriott went on to develop two more Ultima games the second of which, “Ultima III: Exodus”, is considered to be the blue print on which modern RPGs are based on. Although these games gained popularity among the computer experts they didn’t gain any mainstream success because they were considered too hard for novice gamers.

The Evolution

The first commercially popular RPG was “Tales of the Unknown Volume 1: The Bard’s Tale”. It was launched in 1985 and it attracted amateur gamers with its easy gameplay, cutting edge graphics and superb storyline.

Moving towards the 90s the RPG genre became more and more popular with the launch of many new innovative and engaging games. In 1994 “The Elder Scrolls: Arena” was launched, it contained all the qualities of previous games in the genre and it seamlessly combined all of them in one mega RPG. It provided gamers with excellent 3D graphics and first-person gameplay. It offered gamers the choice of taking a break from the main quest and exploring the environment around them.

Modern Age

The last decade the RPG genre has evolved to become the most popular gaming genre. RPGs have become more entertaining than ever. Modern games like the “World of Warcraft” and “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” give gamers more control over the gameplay. The gamers are provided with a complete immersive experience with beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay and outstanding storylines. 

RPGs have evolved into MMORPGs (massively war games online no download free). The ease of access of strategy games no download has given another boost to the genres popularity. Now players have a choice between thousands of games, they can explore new worlds and experience new characters with just a few mouse clicks.

5 Qualities of a Good Strategy Game

Personal preferences play a large role in picking the strategy game that is right for you. Everyone has their own taste of gameplay, environments and character. But there are some universal qualities that gamers look for when picking a strategy game for themselves.

1.     Immersion Factor

The best selling point for any game is the immersion it offers the players. The combination of graphics, storyline and control over the character can make a game completely immersive. Gamers are most fascinated by the amount involvement they have in the game and the impact it can have in the outcome. When strategy games no download provides players with a lot moving pieces it requires them to pay complete attention to the gameplay and keeps them engaged.

A game can be brilliant in all other aspects but it lack the engaging qualities mentioned above it will not catch the attention of gamers. Simply put if a game lacks immersion it can become boring and gamers tend to move on to the next game.

2.     Balanced Gameplay

For a strategy game to be great it has to maintain a fine balance between gameplay difficulties. Players should find the gameplay to challenging but not too much. Gamers should be presented with scenarios that need some thought process and strategy. But a mission or a quest that is impossible to conquer is a big turnoff for gamers.

3.     Feeling of Accomplishment

When gamers play war strategy games they need to feel the impact of what they are doing. It is a challenge for the developers to present gamers with quests that give them a feeling of accomplishment when they complete them. If there aren’t any meaningful decisions to make, like decisions that hold the fate of the land, players will not feel the impact of the game.

4.     Defined Purpose

The main storyline should provide the hero with a single undeniable purpose. It is extremely important for games to provide players with a single goal that they are fighting for. The developers of good strategy games provide users with a simply defined aim, you accomplish this and you win.

5.     Variety of Gameplay

A single purpose is great for the player’s character but there should also be side quests and missions. Games that restrict the players to a single path can become boring over the course tedious and monochromatic gameplay. But games that allow users to put their main quest on hold and go exploring around the world keep gamers interested.

When looking for you next gaming adventure, keep these qualities in mind and find a game that will provide you with the complete gaming experience.

Ways of Developing a Good Strategy in an Online War Game

A good strategy can help you win a battle; a great one can help you rule the world, the virtual world that is. You can take the advice of philosophers like Sun Tzu and take the methodical and shrewd approach. Or you can throw caution to the wind and take the brute force approach. Whatever your strategic path make sure not to overlook the following aspects.


When a gamer is developing a strategy he should always remember to anticipate his enemy’s next move. Players need to remember that while you are devising your attack plans your enemy is not sitting idly and waiting for your attack. You need to anticipate the end war strategy games online of your enemy and devise a strategy that will counter his plans.

Clear Goals

What is your ultimate goal? You need to ask yourself that question when strategizing. You should clearly define your goals in your strategy to make it more effective. If you need to lose a battle to win the war at the end of the day, you should do that to accomplish your final objective.

Find a Balance

A good strategy in any virtual war has a balance between the objective sought, the approach of achieving the said objectives and the resources available. If you are bent on destroying an enemy, make sure that it is worth it. You do not want to end up sacrificing your resources and personnel in one battle and lose in the end.

The Politics

Political policy is a part of any good strategy; Sun Tzu famously said that, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. Make alliances and offer deals to attack your enemies without using your forces.

Layered Strategy

A great strategy contains different strategic layers. There is one overall strategy that will help you rule the virtual world. There is a military strategy that will aid you in your end game, like the amount of personnel and equipment needed. Then are small tactical maneuvers that one develops to achieve smaller objectives.

Consider all Aspects

When concocting a strategy you need to consider all the aspects of the game. Your enemy’s resources, his position, the environment around you and your enemy, the outcome of each action and many other things need to be considered for the best strategy development.

Risk Element

Even the best possible free online mmorpg games no download contains a certain amount of risk. You have to calculate the amount of risk with the possibility of success and decide whether the risk is worth taking. You cannot become the ruler of a land without taking some risks; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What do you think makes a strategy great? If you have anything to add or just want to express your opinions, please leave a comment below.