Thursday, November 21, 2013

Socializing Through Online Multi-Play Strategy Games

The days when gamers got excited by arranging bricks on their computer are not part of history. Fresh generation of gamers requires a much stronger difficulty level. Online multi-play strategy games always find their way through into people’s computers. Since strategy games are more engaging and can distract people from their stress, they serve as high-quality source of interaction and entertainment for many. Online strategy gaming has many advantages associated with it.

Attaining the highest number of players, online multi-play strategy games have become popular amongst young players. A lot of people are becoming occupied in free online games that allow for live chat rooms and induce socializing with friends and competitors in the game. If you are one of those gamers who prefer multi-play strategy games over the web, the following tips might be helpful to you:

1. Go Through The Beginner’s Guide

Most multi-play strategy games based online have a beginner’s guide attached to them over the web browser. That guide communicates some important rules, regulations and methods of the game. If you are a new player, it is obvious that you will take time to become good at the online multi-play strategy game. Chances are that you are going to feel a little lost when you start playing. In this case, a beginner’s guide will make sure it takes you little time to learn how to play the game.

2. Interact

Online multi-play strategy games provide gamers with the opportunity to communicate with their allies and competitors. By initiating a friendly conversation with people who play the same game as you, you will socialize while having fun.

People who are not in favor of online games, argues that gaming takes away your social life. But on the contrary, multi-play games actually give you more chances to socialize than any other gaming platforms. You get to speak to a diverse range of people who come from different backgrounds. Their background might be differentiated on the basis of country of origin, religion, culture and so on. In a way, playing online makes you more open minded and tolerant.

The key to winning an online multi-play strategy game lies in interacting with people who are better than you and have already surpassed more levels than you. Advice on moves and strategies, cheat codes to break the difficulty level and likewise will be available from experienced players of the game. If you are new to the game, it is likely that you might need guidance through the game.

3. Exchanging Experiences And Cheats

Through interaction, you will be able to share your own experiences with the game with others. Likewise, other 5 empires games will also be giving out their knowledge to you about the game. In addition, crack codes and cheats can be exchanged through live chat rooms, allowing you to surpass a difficult level and move on with the game.

With the many advantages associated with battle strategy games, it is no wonder these games have influenced many gamers. Furthermore, most free online games do not need to be downloaded and can be played through any computing device as long as you have an internet connection.

Benefits Of Online Gaming

Quite a few parents are concerned with their children playing too many video games. Free online games have gained rapid popularity these days. However, many parents view the internet as an evil that might affect the long term health of their children.

A number of studies have supported the viewpoint of parents. These studies suggest that games that do not need a lot of physical movements, might have an adverse affect on the health of gamers, but to counter that, there are many studies that reveal the benefits of online gaming.

1. Free Gaming Without Downloads

Online gamers do not have to go through the hassle of downloading files to run the game on their system. Online games are free of cost and are web based, eliminating the need of downloads and hence, saving memory storage.
In addition, running video games requires a console platform. The video game itself and the gaming console might be burdensome on your pockets, restricting your game play to a few genres. On the contrary, online games are free. Furthermore, your game can be accessible from any place around the globe with an internet service.

2. Enhanced Creativity

Web browser based online games allow gamers to make choices. For example, an online version will allow gamers to customize their characters; sparking their creativity and instilling a sense of originality and confidence in them.

3. Problem Solving Abilities

Problem solving is known to develop and enhance brain function. However, finding the perfect partner for online multi-play strategy games makes it a little hard to exercise this advantage.

Usually, there are some parts of the brain that remain unexercised, while other parts are more active. Playing strategy war games online induces an exercise for the inactive part of the brain, usually logic, speed, reasoning and memory. While these parts are in use, it can improve memory, leading to a positive influence on physical health.

4. Social Interaction

Strategy war games online allowing multi-players are inviting to a game play which requires cooperation and social interaction. Multi-player strategy games not only foster implementation of creative and strategy building skills, but also promote social interaction and cooperation. Building meaningful relations with like-minded people allows for confidence building.

Spending time playing free online multiplayer strategy games can allow chatting with partners or your competitors in the game, growing relationships and interacting with new players on a daily basis.

5. A Fun Distraction During Recovery from Illness

Online games have a noticeable potential for gamers who suffer from chronic disease or other issues with their health. Online strategy games can be easier to understand than pamphlets and books during an illness. So one gets to enjoy gaming while recovering.

Many gamers have switched to playing games online, to free themselves for a few hours from their work or student life. After a hectic day at school or work, one deserves a break, mostly utilized to play games online. With the ease of use and access of free online games, many people take advantage of the excitement that comes with these games. While we see people who want to play to relax and have some fun, we also see people who want to play for thrill. What sort are you?

Types Of Online Games

Whoever quoted that the best things in life are free of charge, must be referring to free online games. Since there isn’t any need of downloading any file, web browser based games have become popular for their easy access, making an excellent opportunity to take a well deserved break. They are often good stress busters, which is why many young working people and students use online games as a mode of distraction after spending another day working or studying.

Demographics Of Online Gamers

Online games have been able to attract the youth towards free gaming based over the web browser. In addition, adults have found them to be a worthy distraction from work during their break hours. A recent research report claimed that 2/3 of the players who engage in recreation online through web browser based games lie in the age bracket of 8 to 21. While, on the other hand, 14% of the online gamers were above 35 years of age. The research clearly shows that no matter how old you are, you still enjoy online games.

Types Of Free Online Games

To cater to a large audience, the developers of free browser based game have created an assortment of various types of games. The genre covers all forms of:

1. Educational Games: The goal of educational games is to align fun and stress relief with training and education. It improves the learning abilities of the player through challenging their skill set.

2. Strategy War Games:  The goal of strategy war games is to engage the player in decision making and to implement a strategy to win the game. Almost all strategy games require a style of thinking that makes an internal decision tree. Online strategy war games online benefit gamers by polishing their thinking skills and high situational awareness.

3. Vintage Games: Vintage games make a good gaming experience if you are looking for great game play with simple graphics. For anyone wanting to play retro, vintage games are made available from the 80’s. Quite a few of them can be found online free of cost.

4. Simulation Games: These games are based on sports or events related to civilization. Popular free web based games may include ones based on football management.

5. Puzzles and Brainteasers: Free war strategy game are easy to access, especially in the category of puzzles and brain teasers. Their popularity and the capability to entertain a wide age group have made them quite popular.

Online gaming is a virtual world, where you can call the shots and socialize with people with an interest like yours. Online Gaming is an activity that can be highly interactive for gamers as people with similar interests are present over the internal gaming portal. For example, free online multi-player strategy games usually have a free chat room where gamers can talk of new games; or perhaps, share glitches they have found in a game or exchange cheats.

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