Thursday, April 10, 2014

Battle between Good and Evil in the Virtual World

The online strategy gaming world has become the new battle ground for the age old war between good and evil. The fun factor is that you can be a part of it now. The online gaming world gives its players a chance to play for the good side and save the world from evil, or if you want, you can also play for the dark side and help darkness encompass the world. The virtual world leaves the choice to you be a hero or choose to be a villain.

From the early days of free online mmorpg no download and online role player gaming, the game developers have put players in the shoes of the hero. The popular saying “everybody loves a hero” holds true in the virtual world as well. People flocked to online gaming for a chance to play the savior. Online strategy games gave the little guy a chance; anyone could join in and play out their fantasy of being the underdog who defeats the big evil villain.

But games that are coming out today - be they online strategy games or online role playing games or even offline games – have added another dimension to these games. They have added the option of playing as the bad guy or as the evil empire. Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence or AI was the main culprit, now its gamer pitted against gamer in the fight between light and darkness. Now gamers can know what they would do if they were the bad guy.

Another fun aspect of online strategy games are giving their players is the option of playing as a neutral player. Gamers can pick a character who basically is the Switzerland in the world of online gaming, but how you choose to progress with this character is the fun and exciting part. You have the control over the choices the character makes and you can steer it into the direction of good or lead it astray and turn him evil.

There are not many 5 empires games that offer all these elements and all these options to their players, but there are few which do. Games like 5 Empires give gamers the option of playing as 1 of 5 factions which range from Good to Evil. So be the good guy and kill all the demons to save the day or bring out your dark side and slay everyone who stands in your way. At the end of the day it’s just a battle of good and evil in the virtual world.

Are MMORPGs Addictive?

Video games are a fun way to pass your time, there are multiple genres; action, adventure, shooter etc in a way there is an entertaining genre for everyone. One extremely popular genre is MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). MMORPGs were introduced to gamers in the 1980s with commercial online strategy games coming along in the 1990s. These games gave users the unique opportunity to explore new worlds and gave them control over a character or faction to progress with as they pleased.

This along with other reasons made them one of most commonly played game genres. So much so that some researchers believe that online role playing games or online strategy games are addictive. A recent study shows that there are some gamers in the world who play these games for 12 hours a day. This study to a certain extent supports the argument of people who say that MMORPGs are addictive.

More facts need to be examined before a conclusion can be drawn about whether MMORPGs are addictive or not. MMORPGs offer gamers an escape from reality. The people who believe online strategy games to be addictive say that gamers who get addicted prefer living in the fantasy world. And they avoid the reality and display anti-social behavior. They say that these are signs online gaming addiction. But there are also researchers that say playing free online multiplayer strategy games is actually good for people.

The researchers who believe on war strategy game can help people say that online strategy games can help people who have anti-social disorders and many others in multiple ways. Because multiplayer online games force them to play with other gamers, create alliances and gives them a chance to socialize.  And that’s not all; games have proven to improve people’s motor skills. They can help with memory problems and in cognitive thinking. They can also help people in making quick decisions. If online strategy games are helping players how can they be addictive?

Addiction is defined as an action that is continued even if it has adverse consequences, it boils down to how you utilize online gaming. It can be the best kind of addiction if you want to call it that. All you need to do is not let it get out of your hands. It can help you in multitude of ways and it can help you meet likeminded individuals. The world of online strategy gaming is fun and enjoyable and gamers should keep at it but just keep in mind to remember the real world.

Understanding MMORPGs

MMORPGs what are they? It seems as though the abbreviation makes it seem like something ominous, like a missile or other weapon of some kind. The reality is a complete contrast; MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. They are more commonly known as RPGs or Role Playing Games. As the first two words of the name suggest - Massively Multiplayer- these games attract hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of players. What is it about these games that attract so many gamers to them?

The answer that most gamers will give you is the storyline. Online multiplayer strategy games give the players the chance to explore the fictional world created in them. Games like 5 Empires that have created a world rich with history, magic and myth. Players can use their free time to escape reality and go into the worlds created by the game developers and leave their troubles and live out their fantasies of being a hero or a villain.

The total immersion factor of any online strategy game is also a big reason for the popularity of these games. Players turn to these games because they want to escape their daily grind and live in another place altogether. The control the players have over their characters lets them vicariously live through their characters. They build the character, pick and choose its actions, make decisions for it and take its quest to fruition. This including the visuals, sounds and gameplay give the gamers total captivation they want.

Another reason for the popularity for online multiplayer strategy games is the competitiveness it brings the 5 empires gamers. Either against an excellent Artificial Intelligence created by the developers or against other players. Online multiplayer strategy games put the gamers in situation where they have to compete against others to achieve certain goals and the level of competition is always high. Because every player wants to win and the unique items up for grabs make it more fun. This element makes the gaming experience highly enjoyable.

Research shows that online gaming has become a new favorite pass time for people between the ages of 12 and 28. Even adults are joining in the fun of playing online strategy games. Games like 5 Empires that are free browser based games are becoming more and more popular because of the ease of access and the amazing gameplay. No matter what the reason the fact is that players enjoy online strategy games and they will keep doing so as long as quality games keep launching.