Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are MMORPGs Addictive?

Video games are a fun way to pass your time, there are multiple genres; action, adventure, shooter etc in a way there is an entertaining genre for everyone. One extremely popular genre is MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). MMORPGs were introduced to gamers in the 1980s with commercial online strategy games coming along in the 1990s. These games gave users the unique opportunity to explore new worlds and gave them control over a character or faction to progress with as they pleased.

This along with other reasons made them one of most commonly played game genres. So much so that some researchers believe that online role playing games or online strategy games are addictive. A recent study shows that there are some gamers in the world who play these games for 12 hours a day. This study to a certain extent supports the argument of people who say that MMORPGs are addictive.

More facts need to be examined before a conclusion can be drawn about whether MMORPGs are addictive or not. MMORPGs offer gamers an escape from reality. The people who believe online strategy games to be addictive say that gamers who get addicted prefer living in the fantasy world. And they avoid the reality and display anti-social behavior. They say that these are signs online gaming addiction. But there are also researchers that say playing free online multiplayer strategy games is actually good for people.

The researchers who believe on war strategy game can help people say that online strategy games can help people who have anti-social disorders and many others in multiple ways. Because multiplayer online games force them to play with other gamers, create alliances and gives them a chance to socialize.  And that’s not all; games have proven to improve people’s motor skills. They can help with memory problems and in cognitive thinking. They can also help people in making quick decisions. If online strategy games are helping players how can they be addictive?

Addiction is defined as an action that is continued even if it has adverse consequences, it boils down to how you utilize online gaming. It can be the best kind of addiction if you want to call it that. All you need to do is not let it get out of your hands. It can help you in multitude of ways and it can help you meet likeminded individuals. The world of online strategy gaming is fun and enjoyable and gamers should keep at it but just keep in mind to remember the real world.

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