Friday, March 7, 2014

Kick It Up A Notch: Upgrade Skill Sets

Free online multiplayer strategy games are all about providing the people a complete bundle of entertainment and excitement. Not only are they easy to play thanks to free and convenient signup methods, but they also offer an addictive experience for the players. But one thing which certainly sets them apart from routine, install-before-playing games is their extensive introduction of constant improvements and updates that keep the games fresh and remove any sort of bugs, errors or inconveniences that might be giving the players a difficult time.

One name among the list of free online multiplayer strategy games is 5-Empires. The game has been constantly evolving ever since its introduction with new and improved additions and updates that have maintained the game’s level of excellence and allowed the players to enjoy a highly user friendly interface.

There is no doubt that when one looks to play online strategy games, they expect a user experience which is convenient and friendly. And 5-Empires has given its users just that with exciting changes and updates.

The game’s latest stream of updates which are expected to boost its user experience to ultimate heights includes the addition of hero implementation. In this update, the players will be able to enjoy an interesting addition of abilities, which they will be able to upgrade by leveling up. The players will be enabled to upgrade skill sets through the installation of an experience system.

An online MMORPG is all about your best heroes gaining ample experience and boosting their traits and abilities to make you stronger and better. And if an experience system is there to keep you informed about the amount of points you have to score in order to reach the next level, it gets all the more exciting and keeps you enticed. After gaining sufficient experience and leveling up, you can enjoy an amazing set of new skills and abilities.

It is not surprising to see that 5-Empires realizes the importance of keeping its players attracted and ensuring a very positive user experience. With this new update, users can be assured that the developers of 5-Empires are highly dedicated towards delivering their best possible efforts to make sure the players enjoy the game as much as they can.

If you are looking to play online strategy games then you should give 5-Empires a try as it is among the most exciting online MMORPGs. The game is also free. Visit http://www.5-empires.com to sign up now!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Graphical Battle Ground - Your Personal Realm Of Power

If you are a fan of battle strategy games and love to indulge in challenging-yet-captivating games, then 5 Empires might be the game you’ve always dreamed of! 5 Empires is a free browser based game that requires no download at all. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game offers a chance to gamers from all over the world to compete on a vivid graphical battle ground.

The game’s storyline tells us that when the realm in this game was created, the absolute power was distributed among five different regions of the empire – hence the name 5 Empires. Based on how the various creatures in the realm used or abused this power, some became extremely powerful, yet some remained nomadic. Each of the creatures will possess unique characteristics in this war strategy game.

There are five spirits who are responsible for governing each of the regions. These so-called spirits are referred to as influences in the 5 Empires game, and are named Aqua, Ignis, Lucis, Umbra and Terra.

The spirits can co-exist peacefully together, if it was not for the continuous struggle for power and might. Wars are fought and alliances forged and broken, leading to either the rise of one empire, or the fall of another. All of this lies in the hands of the player!

The graphics of the game are undoubtedly impressive; and depending on whichever region a person plays in, they will have a unique graphic personality.

The Influences

Out of the five influences, Terra is the only sister. Terra features a kind personality and values development in the empire; nevertheless, her temper has her claim anything that belongs to her, by force!

Her creatures are extremely powerful and Lucis and Ignis are in her favor. On the other hand, her rivals are Aqua and Umbra.

Ignis, the youngest spirit of all, is made of fire – which explains all the anger hidden inside him. He is passionate, yet impulsive. Those creatures that are born in the region under his control are dangerous and hot-headed.

Umbra is evil, as he is the offspring of the dark side. He is known to exceed all limits when it comes to defending his region.

Aqua is as destructive with great knowledge and power – making his creatures shrewd and masters of deception.

The eldest of them all – and the protector of the all in the empires in this free browser based game – is Lucis. He maintains law and order and is harsh in punishing all wrong doers.

The Constant Struggle For Power

In a battle where each individual fights for himself, there is a high chance of a strong hierarchy to come into existence as the strongest individual stays on top of the chain. However, the dynamics of power change drastically when equally strong teams oppose each other specially when there are more than two of them. If you have read Lord of the Rings, watched Game of Thrones, you might have a fair idea about the constant struggle for power.

It is often said that man’s greatest lust is power. It is unfortunate that power is not a tangible asset that one could keep as desired. It is not something that you once acquire; you don’t have to work for it anymore. Instead, power demands constant struggle. This struggle requires physical resources as well as intellectual and strategic expertise. The party that makes the best use of all their resources is most likely to succeed but as soon as they let their guard down, someone else will snatch the throne.

Such is the scenario in the war strategy game ‘5-Empires’. While there are many online multiplayer strategy games, the battle scenarios portrayed in this game were previously found on gaming consoles only. Moreover, there is only so much that one can program. This means that in all the single player free online mmorpg no download that you might have played, there might have been many constants and a few variables. The pattern of those variables is pre-defined so you could predict the outcome of every step. In this war strategy game, the variables are infinite and they are as spontaneous and random as they could be. This is because online multiplayer games are simultaneously played by numerous users across the globe. The actions of each player make a difference to the overall outcome in the game.

In ‘5-Empires’, you could be part of any of the five but only one will be the hold true power. Since, the game is played between more than two opponents, you can allies as well as enemies. Even though if you make an ally, they would eventually turn into an enemy as the ultimate goal for everyone is to get to the highest level of power. The struggle naturally stays constant as there might be two or more enemies against you. When you get to the top of the chain, every empire would want power for itself. The players that you play with would actually try to deceive you. This is as real as it gets. Once you start playing this free game, your struggle starts and continues.