Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Quick Start Guide to 5-Empire

5 Things that Support Players Hate

Every one of us has had a bad experience of being a support player in an online multiplayer strategy game. Whether you are a part of the guild, clan or a team, there is always that one thing that you hated about being the support player. In this post, we will list some instances that really tick support players off. You can read on and see if any of your guild mates have ever done that to you in 5-Empires.

Running out of the Healing Range

One of the main responsibilities of support players is to cast healing spells for heroes and major players leading the attack. What is frustrating is that when you are casting spells or activating an item that will heal those players, they run out or leave the area. Most healing spells don’t work from a distance, so stay in range when your support player is doing you a favor by restoring your health.

Save Players and they still Choose to Die

You may have heard the phrase ‘live to fight another day’; well, support players hate leaders that cannot grasp the concept of this phrase. Sometimes a battle proves to be too much, and a support player will give the lead player time and space to make a run for it. It is really infuriating when they don’t recognize the gesture and dive back into the fight, eventually getting the whole team killed.

Exploration or Attack

Players who cannot distinguish between an exploration party and an attack party shouldn’t be play online strategy games. So, you are out and about exploring new settlements and land and they decide to pick a fight with the first monster they meet; that’s just plain stupid.

What is Cast or Attack Delay?

In most multiplayer games, there is a simple concept of attack or spell cast delay. Meaning you have to wait a while after attacking or casting a spell, essentially a global cooldown. Players who cannot grasp this concept keep asking support players to keep attacking and casting spells in the delay period. Let’s just say that it doesn’t go over well among support players when lead players do that.

Have anything else to add to the topic? We know that there are many things that can irritate support players; so if we have missed a few things, let us know by mentioning them in the comments below.

Offence vs. Defense in Strategy Games

In this blog post, we decided to tackle an age old debate among strategy war or RPG gamers – which is the best strategy- offence or defense? Depending on the gameplay style, players take the approach which they think will give them victory over their enemies. But, does it completely depend on a player’s preference or is there some sound strategy behind each approach?

Offence is Best

When you enter the world of a strategy war game, online or offline, the first thing on your mind is how you can create the strongest military units. Whichever world you enter, the goal is to dominate it; and what better way to do it then with a large attack force? Players that take the offensive approach don’t pay much attention towards securing their borders or settlements. They believe in the sports metaphor ‘the best offence is a good defense’, so their main objective is to amass an army that will help them destroy all the settlements nearby.
But, there is a huge flaw in this strategy; when players are out carrying out an attack, they leave their base completely unprotected. If someone else has the same idea as them, they can get flanked and lose the game even when they have a huge army.

Defense is Key

On the other side of the equation are players that have a defense first mentality; when they start a strategy war game, their first thought is about securing their base in the best way possible. Instead of building up an attack force, they focus more defensive upgrades and protecting their settlement from external attacks.
The negative side of this approach is that, players often get too defensive and forget about the main goal of the game – which is to defeat your enemies. They spend most of their resources on erecting defensive structures, they get attacked and the structures get destroyed. They spend more resources to build new ones, and the cycle continues. I remember a Red Alert 2 match where both I and my opponent focused primarily on defense and neither one of has had enough offensive power to defeat the other; needless to say, the match dragged on for hours and we had to leave it undecided.

The Perfect Balance

By looking at both the strategies above, you can safely conclude that going with one or the other is not the best approach. So, the best ‘strategic game winning formula’ would be to create a balance between the offence and defense. Secure your base, but don’t forget to build or summon an army. Depending on the game you are playing, you could slightly lean towards one or the other, to conquer your enemies.

So which approach do you think suits 5-Empires best? We believe it is an offensive one; you can let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

Life Lessons Learnt from Games

Non-gamers are always harping on about how games take players out of reality, and that gamers tend to lose touch with the real world over time. We are here to tell them that they are totally and utterly incorrect in their assumptions. Yes, games offer a respite from the stresses of real life, but they never let players get out of touch with reality. In fact, games actually teach players the following very important life lessons:

1.       Games teach us how to make wise investments; if you purchase the right kind of armor at the right time, you will be safer in the future.
2.       Work ethic is a very valuable quality in an employee, and games can instill that work ethic in players. If you work hard and don’t get side tracked, nothing can stop you from leveling up.
3.       Strategy games teach us to keep our priorities straight; don’t mount an attack until you have built up a defense.
4.       Role-playing games teach us that life isn’t fair; no matter what weapon you have, you will never be able to beat the invulnerability spell’s effects.
5.       You can learn about stranger danger by playing multiplayer games online; players you don’t know could kill you and steal all your stuff.
6.       You learn to try and try again until you succeed; there will be bosses that you will not be able to defeat the first, second, or even the third time around.
7.       Self improvement lessons are aplenty in all types of games, as you work hard and improve your skills you will be able to defeat the strongest of demons.
8.       War games teach us about the horrors of war and how to survive them letting someone else control you.
9.       Learning to be a part of a team is an important part of many online multiplayer games, sometimes you have to be the support while other members do the heavy lifting.
10.   Games teach us that there is no point in going back, all you have to do is look forward towards the future.
11.   And the most important lesson of all; if you can’t figure something out, you can always Google it.

What do you think? Have you learned any of these, or other, lessons from playing 5-Empires? If yes, then let us know by leaving your comments below.

Corporate Benefits of Strategy Gaming

Many corporate professionals believe that playing strategy war games online will be a waste of their time. We are here to tell them that, they don’t have complete information about the benefits strategy games can provide them with in their professional life. You can ask any gamer and they will tell you, gaming can be advantageous for any aspect of life; even corporate professions.
Here are some lessons that games like 5-Empires, can teach you, which will be beneficial for you at work:

Keyboard Usage

Typing, and computer usage in general, is a big part of a corporate professional’s daily work load. Strategy games can help you become more familiar with your keyboard. This may sound ridiculous at first, but if you take a serious look at it, you will feel differently. When you are playing strategy war games, you have to pay a lot of attention to the screen and control your empire at the same time. You will have to use the keyboard extensively, to control everything on screen.


Handling different tasks at the same time, dealing with allies and enemies, and keeping your reflexes sharp, is all part of a winning strategy game approach. And you can really use all of these skills in the corporate world.

Strategic Thinking

Corporations have something in common with empires in strategy games; they are both working towards besting their rivals. When you enter the fantastical world of strategy games, you will see these similarities with the corporate profession very clearly. You will be put into situations where you have to deal with sudden disasters, manage resources to survive and using each unit to the best of their ability.

Part of a Team

When you play a MMORPG game online, you will truly know how to work well as a team. In these games, you have a single goal and each team member has a part to play. You and your team members have to work together to win, there are no politics or arguments. You each just go in and do your job to achieve the given objective, sound familiar?

So, give our game a try and maybe you will find yourself being more productive at your corporate offices.