Monday, December 23, 2013

The Magic In Ivory Tower

Magic is quite magical. Knowing that you could have the power to have things going your way is a secret desire that houses itself in each of us. So much for the fantasies, we know that real world can’t give us a taste of this magical experience.

However, there is one place where magic can change fates and turn the game-plan around. I’m speaking of the world of gaming where through magic various games become more interesting and challenging at the same time

The Magic in Ivory Tower

Magic in gaming has specific purpose. Most games revolve around first learning the magic and then using it to the player’s advantage when combating the opponent. It is not indistinct that magic means more power.

Given a scenario in gaming where the defending army can use magic against opponents, the gaming becomes all the more fun and exciting. The unexpected twists and turns created in the progress of the game plan make the feat more challenging. A challenging encounter simply means more indulgence and more fun.

Can you imagine yourself in the situation where the army of the king consists of creatures that can use magic? How would you use it to your advantage? If this is not intriguing enough, consider that those creatures have the power to make the opponent forget their magic spells, or use other magic than initially intended? I’m quite sure that you are stirred by the volatility of situation given in this scenario


Why Games with Magic are more Fun?


If you are a hardcore gamer who has experienced games, especially the browser based role playing games (rpg) you would know that magic in gaming leads the game towards a mode where the predictable attack situations can be turned around. A mighty blow from the opponent made through a gigantic creature can be nullified by using magic. This gives limitless power to the player
The best way to use magic in gaming is for strategic training and planning


Where to Have a Magical Experience?

As a gamer you would know that most free online multiplayer strategy games games based on the tale of empires are most likely to have the element of magic. The struggle for power and the power shifts between various kings and powerful influences encompassed magic to gain edge over their opponents.

If you are fascinated to such free browser based game, do not forget to share with us your comments about the magical experience.

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