Friday, January 16, 2015

Video Games - Bane or Boon

Almost 99% of all boys and 94% of all girls in the United States alone play video games. With the frequent advent of new games and consoles, the video game industry easily makes over $25 Billion a year.
Every day, several stories surface to warn us about the dangers that are associated with video games. Most popular ones include violent behavior, addiction and depression. However, even after years of research, the harmful effects of video games still remain controversial.
But is playing video games really that harmful? Various researchers suggest that video game critics fail to take into consideration, how video games have evolved over the years to become more complex in nature.  The researchers suggest that modern video games provide various cognitive, emotional and social experiences in addition to boosting mental health.
There are various advantages of playing video games, let us look at a few.

 Cognitive Development

Research suggests that open ended video games and various online games help improve creativity and problem solving skills. Games of the action genre also seem to develop the attention function and visual processing. However, shooting games are seen to produce the best results for improving neural efficiency and processing, pattern recognition and attention function.  
However, it has not yet become clear how these skills transform into the real world, but the research results point to positive outcomes.


When people encounter obstacles and then achieve tasks overcoming those obstacles, it greatly boosts self esteem and they learn the value of persistence. Video games require immediate processing to solve problems. Such processing can help you discover intelligence and skills that you were unaware of.
In most games, the difficulty level continues to advance as you make progress. This provides to the motivation to not give up, when closer to the goal despite the challenges faced.


Most gamers engage in playing video games to help improve their mood. They want to escape from real world problems and enter into a different world of virtual reality. Success in this virtual world can lead to various positive feelings and emotions and help you cool down and relax.
According to various psychologists, positive emotions can increase desirable behavior and help instill a positive support, which can help counter failure and achieve goals.
Contrary to the common belief, there are various benefits of playing video games and online games. It is best to take time out for yourself to relax and delve into the virtual world every now and then.

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