Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Exhibit Your Power In A Graphical Battle Ground

If you are into war strategy games or battle strategy games, then 5 empires is definitely one to try out. It is a free online mmorpg, no download required. Being free browser based game, not only is it free but very captivating.  It accommodates multi-player capability and has its own lore and set of creatures that will keep you addicted to it.

The game centers around the fact that when the realm of the game was created, the absolute power was divided amongst five regions of the empire. It was the use or abuse of power which led to the shaping of the essence of these creatures. Some became wise, some aggressive, some strong while some became sentient and nomadic.

The five regions are governed by one out of five spirits each. These spirits are called ‘influences’ in the game. They are named Ignis, Terra, Aqua, Umbra and Lucis. The spirits need to co-exist but there is a constant tug-of-war for power, and that is what the game 5 empires is all about. Allegiances are made and broken; wars are fought and empires rise or fall, all based on the capability of the player.

The graphical simulation in the game is pretty impressive. Each region has its own graphic personality which binds the player to the game.

Let us now look at the influences. Terra is the only sister of the five. She is kind and cherishes growth, but is very hot-headed and may claim what’s hers by force. She is favored by Lucis and Ignis, while rivaled by Aqua and Umbra. Her creatures are predatory and powerful.

Ignis, the youngest is made of fire, making him very passionate but mostly just angry. He is impulsive and unpredictable, thereby promoting freedom and emotion. Creatures born in this region are dangerous and war-crazy. Favored by Terra and Umbra, Ignis is rivaled by Aqua and Lucis.

Umbra is the offspring of the dark. He reeks of evil, pessimism, suffering and even death. He will go to any and all bounds to defend what’s his. Its offspring are nefarious under the guise of darkness.

Aqua is destructively intelligent. His power is knowledge and is very swift with his thinking. Its creatures are swift, shrewd and deceptive.

Lucis, the eldest, is the protector of all. He maintains order and justice, and will do anything to punish any wrong-doer.

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