Saturday, February 28, 2015

Build Your Own Kingdom With 5 Empires

When it comes to war based strategic gaming, 5 Empires is one of the best platforms available to explore the world of medieval empires and rulings. Gamers from all over the world play war strategy games and build glorious empires and armies to protect and fight for their kingdoms, embarking on the quest to be the biggest and baddest.
In terms of gaming strategies, one of the most important elements in becoming the most powerful commander of the realm is to build a strong kingdom. Here are a few tips that can be used to build a strong and dynamic kingdom in 5 Empires.

Explore and Observe

Initially, you will get a few buildings to begin with, but you will not have free land. The best way to attain free land for building your empire is to explore and observe your surroundings with the first few turns. This knowledge will give you a better insight and an upper hand in understanding your territory and taking action accordingly.

Building Houses

Once you have free land, you have to work on building Houses and generating population. This way, you generate a population and citizens. The people who take shelter in the Houses you build give you taxes in the form of gold and the nodes generate Mana from the prayers of the monks.

Protecting Your Kingdom

Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your kingdom. Before you can cast a defensive spell for the protection of your kingdom, you need to learn how to cast it by studying scriptures. The more powerful the spell, the more complex it is to learn. Although difficult, this will ultimately give you a chance to exercise power for defending and protecting your kingdom.
The next step in protecting your kingdom is to summon a powerful army to defend the five key points to your empire. You have to make sure that the creatures defending these five points have access to enough resources for their upkeep. If they are not given the required supplies and resources, they leave your service, and ultimately, your kingdom becomes prone to attack from outside forces. play strategy war games online

Setting Up Attack Against Other Players

Once you have set up protection for all the five points in your empire with 5 different unit types, you can plan your attack. Once you have decided on the country you want to invade, assign an offensive spell and the final outcome of the battle will eventually indicate how large your winnings will be.

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