Saturday, February 28, 2015

What You Need To Know About The 5 Empires

When it comes to multiplayer online gaming, 5 Empires is one of the most popular online role playing games today. As compared to other RPGs, 5 Empires is more gripping and unique from other online battle games. Here is a small walkthrough on what you need to know about the 5 Empires and the amazing gaming experience one is in for!

What Kind Of Empire It Is

As the name suggests, 5 Empires is based on a realm that is divided amongst five regions, ruled by one of the five almighty spirits, namely Terra, Ignis, Lucis, Umbra and Aqua. As it is with most kingdoms, conflicts and differences amongst these rulers create a constant struggle of power.
Players are required to choose a certain ruler and develop battle skills in order to gain the ultimate power of the realm in the most strategic way possible.

Resources Used

Before beginning the play, every player needs to be aware of the fact that he/she will be given four resources. All strategies are designed utilizing these four resources. They are as follows:


Every player gets one turn every five minutes. However, players will have to be careful in using these turns, as there is a turn cap of 1000. This helps players develop strategic planning skills and make the most of what little they have.


Gold can be used to buy important items such as tools and heroes with special powers/skills from the black market.  It is generated with every turn a player spends and is also used to maintain your lands, buildings and creatures.


Mana is the main resource to maintain the army. It is used to build nodes that generate greater income and eventually increase the player’s Mana reserve.


The population consists of the people residing in your kingdom. You are required to build houses for these people and they eventually pay you back gold, in the form of taxes. 

How Do You Start?

If you want to succeed in this game, one of the first things to keep in mind is observation and exploration. Start with a couple of buildings and explore your surroundings with a few turns, this will help you gain free land to build your lodgings on.
Once you have your free land, you can build houses and the population will ultimately pay you gold to live in these houses. The game, in due course, moves forward after you have researched for spells, summoned the required spells, assign defense and finally the attack. The battles take place as the best of 5.

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